Planting Corals Back on The reefs Can Save The Planet

Planting corals back on the reefsPlanting corals back on the reefs spearheaded by Dr. David Vaughan is becoming more popular topic in recent years. A programmable corals planting will balancing our climate.

The most recent corals reef planting projects can be programmed with multiple start and stop times for various days during the week to increase oxygen in varied circumstances.

This is a life changing discovery and this just happened in the beginning of the month so hey this has to be the best news I’ve heard so far on Splash Dive and if this research is 100% successful, we might just be able to save our earths oceans cause I’m sure you have or will experiment other different corals that can do this so we can help restore the cleanliness of our oceans for good reasons only. This is a life changing discovery and I praise you for the research being made!

Trying to plant new coral in polluted conditions where it’s already been stressed and bleached would only bleach the new coral and we’d be in the same place.True we do get most of our O2 from these reefs. Very cool how a broken reef is able to regenerate its own cells & grow from fragments of its original size.

I agree that the plankton regeneration is the next problem to be solved and yes warming of the oceans and the loss of our ice caps are the biggest problems. But this is s tremendous breakthrough. Give credit where it’s due. I had no idea coral reproduced like this but will it survive global warming.

How technology played a role with coral reef restoration, it is how we humans chose to use technology that brought us to these result, thus by using technology to to know more about the earth and the world around us 1st and for most can we truly live on a better environment.

Interesting how certain people save the coral through technology and try to save our planet in the future, I hope this earth still awesome for next human generations.

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