Important Apps that Every Working Busy Adult Should Keep at an Arm’s Length

Between your work life, social life, community involvement and, most importantly, home life, there is more often than not, no room for wasteful time management. If short cuts and the fastpass line at Disneyland are your cup of tea, you are definitely a person who values every second. After all, time is money, am I right? Whether you’re taking care of business at the office or taking care of your beauty needs at Ulta Beauty, certain apps can definitely enhance your efficiency. If you haven’t already updated your iphone or android with the latest apps, it’s time to do yourself a favor and get ready to download!



This innovative company is the taxi of our time and we love it! Why? Because it’s been saving us a pretty penny since 2009, though has gained incomparable popularity in just the last few years nationally as well as internationally. If this is news to you, you are one of the few because Uber is now operating in 528 cities worldwide. With more and more passengers as well as drivers signing up each day, Uber trips are available at just the touch of a phone screen and usually arrive to your pickup location in less than ten minutes. Trips can take you anywhere for a fraction of a price of your average taxi ride and you can rate your Uber driver on different aspects of the experience.


Google Maps

If you drive or walk on a daily basis, this app will help you get from point A to point B without getting lost and in record time because it informs you of the fastest route available, avoiding tons of traffic at certain times of the day. Search specific stores and restaurants and even view their online hours and ratings. This app will even make navigating in car or on foot in foreign lands a breeze! From remote areas in Jalisco to the insanity of Mexico City freeways, Google Maps is your best option for user friendly, hands-free navigation.

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