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Green Social Work: What Actually Is It?

Unless you’ve taken one of the many social work degrees and know how vast this industry can be, it’s likely you’ve never heard of green social work.  And, I wouldn’t blame you for hearing the term ‘green’ and meeting it with some skepticism.  After all, a lot of careers that claim to be green are purely touting themselves as that while hiding a toxic underbelly. However, I can honestly tell you that green social work is exactly what it claims to be, and in this article I’ll explain where you might interact with these social workers in real life.

Disaster Zones

One of the main areas that green social workers work in are disaster zones.  Every time a national disaster happens on US soil, you won’t just see emergency personnel arriving, you’ll also see social workers.  They fill the need for ‘people management’ while many others are purely looking at the finances.  By providing aid to those who need it most, those with a social work masters are responsible for setting up shelters, addressing poverty, and building relationships with local families.

Many social workers will even arrive at disaster zones before a problem hits.  For example, if a hurricane is predicted to hit the east coast of Florida, green social workers will arrive on the scene as early as possible to help get families with disabilities and other disadvantaged people to safety before the hurricane hits.

Environmental Law

In addition to disaster zones, many green social workers also work in local areas in enforcing environmental laws and policies.  Many communities in the United States experience problems, and there are many barriers in place that prevent people from getting the help that they need.  Whether it’s helping veterans suffering with PTSD or helping communities to access environmental and health data, social workers are often active members of disadvantaged communities.

In the past, many environmental issues were lumped into an ‘organizational dysfunction’ category even though the issues widely varied.  According to experts, though, it is clear that health and environmental concerns cannot be lumped into one broad category, and green social workers are helping with this.

Environmental Refugees

When we think about refugees, we tend to think about people who have fled their own countries due to war or political issues.  And it seems our government thinks the same thing, as laws and regulations are in place to help these kinds of refugees.  However, one type of refugee you may not have considered is the environmental refugee.  Environmental refugees lose their homes due to floods, droughts, deforestation etc.  There are no official regulations to help this kind of refugee, so again social workers step in to help the people in need.

Those with a masters in social work are also likely the people that you will see trying to shed light on this problem, and encouraging others to talk about it.

Although you may not have heard of social workers before reading this article, the work that they do is invaluable here in the United States.

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Why More College Students Should Consider Using Green Energy

Throughout the U.S. and in many other parts of the world, green energy is becoming more and more of a popular alternative. Green energy, such as solar energy, allows homeowners and others to become more self-sufficient and reduce or even completely eradicate their utility bills for things such as heating their home or for running water. If you’re a student, you may have heard about green energy already from friends, parents, or in the news. We’ve put together some of the best reasons for more students to give green energy a try.

Save Money

For many college students, saving money is a top priority. When you’re studying for a degree such as a masters of business administration online, for example, learning, revising, and studying will take up a huge chunk of your time, leaving you with little time to work and earn extra money in order to pay the bills. Opting for green alternatives to energy such as having solar panels installed can help to cut the price of your utility bills as a student and leave you with more money to spend on other things instead.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Another great reason to get involved with green energy as a college student is that it will help to reduce the carbon footprint that you generate during your lifetime. Your college years are some of the best when it comes to getting involved with saving the environment and putting good habits in place for an eco-friendlier life in the future. Not only will using green energy to power your home save you money off your utility bills, it will also help to reduce the amount of resources that you use.

The Future of Energy

More and more students are considering green energy for their home as it is the future of energy. With more and more homeowners opting for solar power for their home and even more deciding to cut themselves off from all of the mainstream supplies completely and use green energy to power the entirety of their home, we can definitely expect green energy to be absolutely huge in the future.

Educate Others

By using green energy for your home as a student, you will have a great opportunity to educate others on the benefits of using alternative energy, not just for our planet but also for individuals themselves. Using green energy is not only cleaner and much less harsh on the planet than other types of energy; it is also much cheaper and can even be free if you choose to power your home using green energy alone. Because of this, using green energy can be a great talking point with other students, and even in your class! For students on online MBA programs, green energy can be an excellent idea for a business!

Green energy is not only kinder to our planet; it can also be much less taxing on your bank account, too. When you’re at college, using green energy in your home can not only help to keep your carbon footprint low, it can also help you to save money.

What Is The Point Of Green Energy?

What Is The Point Of Green Energy?

What Is The Point Of Green Energy?

Green energy is the future of energy technology. With the world’s population growing at an ever-increasing rate, utilizing green energy is the only way to ensure the planet’s ecological health. This article is filled with a number of great green energy tips to help you live a more environmentally-friendly life.

If you are planning to go greener, you should consider fixing any taps that are leaking. Doing this will decrease the amount of water you use, and as a result, you will have more hot water in your home. This can really help if you are struggling to have enough warm water in the shower.

If you’re considering switching to green energy sources, the easiest thing you can do is call up your current electric provider and see if the offer green energy. Many electric companies offer these power sources to their customers. They may cost a bit more, however, to offset the amount of money they would’ve had to invest in the sources. Continue reading

Why Green Energy Is Becoming More Popular

Why Green Energy Is Becoming More Popular

Why Green Energy Is Becoming More Popular

You might have been confused when you heard others discussing green energy technology. If you want to learn more, read this article for some tips. Keep reading to find out the basics of green energy technology and how you can put it to use in your life.

If you are planning to go greener, you should consider fixing any taps that are leaking. Doing this will decrease the amount of water you use, and as a result, you will have more hot water in your home. This can really help if you are struggling to have enough warm water in the shower.

Make use of fans inside the home. You can easily use floor fans or have a ceiling fan installed to increase airflow inside the home. You can use these even if you already have an air conditioner because you can turn the thermostat higher and just use the fans for air movement. Continue reading