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Planting Corals Back on The reefs Can Save The Planet

Planting corals back on the reefsPlanting corals back on the reefs spearheaded by Dr. David Vaughan is becoming more popular topic in recent years. A programmable corals planting will balancing our climate.

The most recent corals reef planting projects can be programmed with multiple start and stop times for various days during the week to increase oxygen in varied circumstances.

This is a life changing discovery and this just happened in the beginning of the month so hey this has to be the best news I’ve heard so far on Splash Dive and if this research is 100% successful, we might just be able to save our earths oceans cause I’m sure you have or will experiment other different corals that can do this so we can help restore the cleanliness of our oceans for good reasons only. This is a life changing discovery and I praise you for the research being made!

Trying to plant new coral in polluted conditions where it’s already been stressed and bleached would only bleach the new coral and we’d be in the same place.True we do get most of our O2 from these reefs. Very cool how a broken reef is able to regenerate its own cells & grow from fragments of its original size.

I agree that the plankton regeneration is the next problem to be solved and yes warming of the oceans and the loss of our ice caps are the biggest problems. But this is s tremendous breakthrough. Give credit where it’s due. I had no idea coral reproduced like this but will it survive global warming.

How technology played a role with coral reef restoration, it is how we humans chose to use technology that brought us to these result, thus by using technology to to know more about the earth and the world around us 1st and for most can we truly live on a better environment.

Interesting how certain people save the coral through technology and try to save our planet in the future, I hope this earth still awesome for next human generations.

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Important Apps that Every Working Busy Adult Should Keep at an Arm’s Length

Between your work life, social life, community involvement and, most importantly, home life, there is more often than not, no room for wasteful time management. If short cuts and the fastpass line at Disneyland are your cup of tea, you are definitely a person who values every second. After all, time is money, am I right? Whether you’re taking care of business at the office or taking care of your beauty needs at Ulta Beauty, certain apps can definitely enhance your efficiency. If you haven’t already updated your iphone or android with the latest apps, it’s time to do yourself a favor and get ready to download!



This innovative company is the taxi of our time and we love it! Why? Because it’s been saving us a pretty penny since 2009, though has gained incomparable popularity in just the last few years nationally as well as internationally. If this is news to you, you are one of the few because Uber is now operating in 528 cities worldwide. With more and more passengers as well as drivers signing up each day, Uber trips are available at just the touch of a phone screen and usually arrive to your pickup location in less than ten minutes. Trips can take you anywhere for a fraction of a price of your average taxi ride and you can rate your Uber driver on different aspects of the experience.


Google Maps

If you drive or walk on a daily basis, this app will help you get from point A to point B without getting lost and in record time because it informs you of the fastest route available, avoiding tons of traffic at certain times of the day. Search specific stores and restaurants and even view their online hours and ratings. This app will even make navigating in car or on foot in foreign lands a breeze! From remote areas in Jalisco to the insanity of Mexico City freeways, Google Maps is your best option for user friendly, hands-free navigation.

Green Social Work: What Actually Is It?

Unless you’ve taken one of the many social work degrees and know how vast this industry can be, it’s likely you’ve never heard of green social work.  And, I wouldn’t blame you for hearing the term ‘green’ and meeting it with some skepticism.  After all, a lot of careers that claim to be green are purely touting themselves as that while hiding a toxic underbelly. However, I can honestly tell you that green social work is exactly what it claims to be, and in this article I’ll explain where you might interact with these social workers in real life.

Disaster Zones

One of the main areas that green social workers work in are disaster zones.  Every time a national disaster happens on US soil, you won’t just see emergency personnel arriving, you’ll also see social workers.  They fill the need for ‘people management’ while many others are purely looking at the finances.  By providing aid to those who need it most, those with a social work masters are responsible for setting up shelters, addressing poverty, and building relationships with local families.

Many social workers will even arrive at disaster zones before a problem hits.  For example, if a hurricane is predicted to hit the east coast of Florida, green social workers will arrive on the scene as early as possible to help get families with disabilities and other disadvantaged people to safety before the hurricane hits.

Environmental Law

In addition to disaster zones, many green social workers also work in local areas in enforcing environmental laws and policies.  Many communities in the United States experience problems, and there are many barriers in place that prevent people from getting the help that they need.  Whether it’s helping veterans suffering with PTSD or helping communities to access environmental and health data, social workers are often active members of disadvantaged communities.

In the past, many environmental issues were lumped into an ‘organizational dysfunction’ category even though the issues widely varied.  According to experts, though, it is clear that health and environmental concerns cannot be lumped into one broad category, and green social workers are helping with this.

Environmental Refugees

When we think about refugees, we tend to think about people who have fled their own countries due to war or political issues.  And it seems our government thinks the same thing, as laws and regulations are in place to help these kinds of refugees.  However, one type of refugee you may not have considered is the environmental refugee.  Environmental refugees lose their homes due to floods, droughts, deforestation etc.  There are no official regulations to help this kind of refugee, so again social workers step in to help the people in need.

Those with a masters in social work are also likely the people that you will see trying to shed light on this problem, and encouraging others to talk about it.

Although you may not have heard of social workers before reading this article, the work that they do is invaluable here in the United States.

How to Manage Waste on Your Construction Site

How to Manage Waste on Your Construction Site

Construction sites produce a lot of waste. As a construction worker, it is your job to ensure that waste is kept to an absolute minimum. You owe it to the client you are working for, and you owe it to the environment. The tips on this page should help you out.

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A lot of waste reduction will come through the planning stages of construction. Make sure you know exactly how many materials you are going to require. If you can, you should opt for standard lengths too. This will ensure that you are using as much as your material as possible. This also has the side-benefit of reducing the amount of money you will need to spend on materials.

Portable Toilets

Get some portable toilets on site, and make sure that they are of a high quality. Sure, if you are working on a construction site it is likely that you will have some in place already. However, make sure you have a number of them. You will want them to be within easy reach of all of your staff. If they are spread about everywhere, then it is less likely that your staff will use them. This will increase waste.


Chances are that you are throwing away perfectly good material that you will be able to use in the future. Avoid doing this. Before you throw anything into the dumpster at the end of the day, you are going to want to ensure that you remove everything that you could feasibly use again. If you can’t use the item and it has the potential to be recycled, then make sure that you hire a waste management team to come pick it up. The last thing you want is to fill up landfills with unnecessary waste.

Dedicate Time at the End of Each Day or Job to Clean up the Site

You can work this into the estimate that you give your client. At the end of each working day, make sure that your staff tidy up the site. This means clearing up all of the mess that they have left behind. At the end of the whole project, make sure you do a clean sweep of the area to ensure that absolutely everything is cleared away. It is important that you train your staff how to do this. Many people, after a long day, just want to go home. This is why it needs to be ‘paid time’. It will encourage them to do the work. Once they get into the flow of things, you will find that they naturally start to clean up the site ‘as they go’ as opposed to just doing it at the end of the day. This means that waste will be fully managed.

You will have to remember that managing waste on a building site is going to be a struggle at first. There is a lot that needs to be done. However, put in the effort, and not only will your company save money, but the area will be that much more pleasurable to be in.