5 Ways College Students Can Go Green on the Cheap

Many college students are genuinely concerned about the environment and advocate going green in an effort to protect the environment. While some students may have a deep desire to go completely green, they might feel that they are not financially in a position to make much of a difference. Here are five distinct ways that college students can go green on the cheap in the course of studying for their family nurse practitioner degree from Bradley University, chemicalengineering or even fine arts degrees.

Stay on Campus

Just by staying on campus, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint tremendously. Students that live on campus have the ability to walk to class, as well as all the other locations that they frequent the most. For travel to farther distances, ride a bike, ride a skateboard, or hitch a ride in a green taxi. If and when car travel is absolutely required, try carpooling.

Cook Group Meals

As fossil fuels are still commonly used to power stoves, ovens and other cooking implements, cooking group meals can help to cut down on emissions. Find a group of students that have similar class schedules and put together a cooking schedule. This method of going green will help you to save money on groceries while also reducing the amount of time you spend preparing meals.

Use Solar Energy

From smart phone chargers to window fans and Christmas lights, there’s a way to use solar energy to power the majority of the household goods that you use everyday. If you aren’t able to go out and purchase solar energy converted goods, think outside of the box, get your friends on the case and come up with an alternative yourselves. Using solar energy in place of electricity and fossil fuels is a highly effective way of going green.

Take Online Classes

Taking at least a portion of your classes online will enable you to go green and likely save money on tuition costs. Classroom instruction costs more money compared to going to school online, and every participant reduces pollution to the environment by staying put rather than driving or taking public transportation. You can look into FNP online programs or even general studies online to make sure that the environment stays just a little less polluted.

Recycle Everything

College students have access to on-site recycling facilities, and they also have a great opportunity to take recycled items for use in their dorm rooms. Start a used goods exchange programs where you and other students are able to trade appliances, textbooks and clothes rather than throw them away. While you might not want to go dumpster diving, college campuses are rife with all sorts of interesting finds.

Being conscious of your responsibility to the planet will help you to always be aware of your actions as they relate to pollution, carbon footprints and unnecessary excess and waste. Nearly every activity that you normally participate in has an environmentally friendly alternative, so it’s only a matter of making the right choices.

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