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Top Tips for a Greener College Life

With more and more organizations and individuals making the effort to ‘go green’ by reducing their carbon footprint, using less energy, recycling more and being kinder to the planet, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for students to ignore the environmental issues which face them at college. As a college student, there are plenty of different ways in which you can reduce your energy usage and live a greener and eco-friendlier lifestyle. We’ve listed just some of the best ways for students to go green and develop habits that are healthy for both themselves and the environment.

Studying Online

If you’re worried about the amount of energy that you’re using and want to cut down the amount of pollution that you’re causing by driving, you might want to consider studying online as an alternative to studying on-campus. Online study allows you to access all of the learning materials for your course from the comfort of your own home, using your own laptop – which you can use unplugged as much as possible in order to conserve electricity. Whether you’re studying for a degree in engineering, business, or are even pursing a masters of science in nursing online, this route can not only be cheaper and more flexible, it’s also eco-friendlier.


If recycling is a habit that you have gotten used to at home, it’s vital to ensure that you carry this on throughout college in order to ensure that you reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible as a student. Recycling today is easier than ever before, with a range of different recycling schemes in place to provide people with greener alternatives to simply throwing everything in the trash. If you’re living in accommodation on-campus, you may well find that the college’s housing team have their own recycling scheme in place.

Getting Involved with Environmental Causes

College is one of the best times to get involved with a range of different causes, with societies, groups, and even extra-curricular classes available to those who are interested. With more and more colleges trying to encourage students to go green and be kinder to the environment, chances are that your college will have a range of different things available for you to attend and get involved with. Being part of a group where you can swap ideas for reducing your carbon footprint and even educate others on the importance of the issue can not only help you to live a greener life, it can also look great on your resume.

Your Energy Usage

For many students, using a lot of energy is important in order to get them through the day. When you’re studying for a course such as a masters in nursing online, you’ll probably find that most of the time, you will have a device that’s plugged in somewhere which you need to work. Using power saving modes where available and always remembering to switch plugged in devices off when not in use are just two easy ways to stop using any unnecessary energy without compromising when it comes to your work.

Environmental issues cannot be ignored, and for many students, being eco-friendly is essential.